Westman area YFC's mission vision is about "creating a community of Hope, where no young person goes hungry; spiritually, emotionally, physically or relationally." This is taken from the YFC Westman website which is linked on this page, and where you can find out about the YFC organization in Western Manitoba or if you want YFC in a broader scope check out the YFC Canada link. Here in Virden we want to follow that vision by creating an environment that youth can come into and be themselves and build relationships with our staff and volunteers who have personal relationships with Christ. Many of these youth are starving in these areas and by getting to know them where they are at is a key to doing that. If you value that in a community there are many ways to get involved whether it is through prayer, volunteering yourself, donating or even working with other organizations that hold the same values. Working together we can make a difference for the better in the community and beyond. Thank you everyone for taking the time to view this page.